Alan Grady
Alan GradyNP

Alan Grady NP has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in nutrition from Mississippi State University. Alan also has a bachelor’s degree in nursing from California State University and he received his nurse practitioner degree from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. He is passionate about helping people improve their quality of life.

Alan has a diverse healthcare background involving orthopedics and chronic illness such as diabetes. These experiences have given him a passion for preventative care and health maintenance. One of the most rewarding experiences in medicine for Alan is taking a patient off medication they no longer need after they have made healthy lifestyle changes.

Alan is a strong proponent of exercise. “Excercise for 30-45 minutes 3-5 times per week. Exercise is the fountain of youth.”

Alan enjoys Colorado and all its outdoor activities. When he is not at work he is usually riding his bike or playing with his son.