James McGowan
James McGowanMD

Trust is perhaps the most important component in health care. The physician relies on the patient to be honest and truthful in reporting their symptoms and concerns. The physician must be trusted that his opinions and recommendations are those that he believes are the best available. It is important that the physician acknowledges situations he is uncertain about, and make recommendations, such as referral to sources, that can give the best recommendations. A doctor/patient encounter, whether an in person visit, phone encounter etc, is only successful if both the patient and physician are satisfied with the outcome.

Dr. McGowan’s medical training was at Westminster Hospital Medical School, a part of the University of London. The next five years were spent in different hospital based Internal Medicine subspecialty training posts. On return to the United States, Internal Medicine Board Certification was obtained in Denver. Since then he has been in solo, and group practice, of general internal medicine and geriatrics.

Dr. McGowan enjoys family, including grand children, and golf in his spare time.